Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A greeting card from God in the form of an E-Mail

Last evening we received this E-Mail!

Sometimes I wonder how much good do we do? then just when we need a boost God sends us HIS greeting card, this time in the form of an E-mail...

While your at it why don't you pray for all our troops.

Bob Ingram

Bro. Bob, I was a trainee at FT Benning during the summer and went to your service on Wednesday's with Echo 1-50 and I just wanted to say thanks. I wanted to thank you for being the support soldiers need when there is no where to turn, but to God. You helped me grow spiritually more than ever before. Now that I've been back from training I am helping my youth group and singing in the choir. You may remember talking to my mom while I was there. We go to Calvary Baptist in Red Bank, TN where Bro. Steve Roberson pastors. The main reason for this message is to tell you that through your ministry my best friend got saved while he was in training with Fox 2-19. He was agnostic when he first joined but after coming too church with me while he was on Christmas Exodus the Lord started working his heart. It wasn't until he got to Honor Hill that he realized what was making him feel that way so right there on Honor Hill he asked the Lord into his heart and is now serving faithfully in our church. If it was not for your ministry telling soldiers about Christ many would go to hell without knowing the truth. Thank you so much for your ministry.
PFC Tony Hicks
2/278th ACR
F Troop
P.S. You gave him his first Bible and he loves it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 09 Prayer Letter

Luke 10:1 After these things the LORD appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.

Dear praying friends,

We thank you so very much for your continued prayers and support. We could not be effective without you. We are well into 2009, and God is blessing us with many blessings.

This month we would like to tell you a story of what we get to see on Fort Benning. One of the benefits of working on post and closely with Chaplains is that you quickly size them up. Sometimes you write them off because they do not preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the chaplains are not preachers but do a good job listening to the problems of the soldiers. Once in a while a chaplain will come along and it is evident they are on a God called mission. At the first of the year and again in the mid summer we usually get new chaplains assigned to the units we work in. This is a very stressful time as we never know how or if we will be used by these chaplains. This year so far we have only made a few changes and it looks like God is allowing us to see more opportunities through the chaplains in our area of Fort Benning.

We recently had a new chaplain assigned to one of the companies we do a Bible Study in. This new chaplain is a great man and I believe he is a true man of God. This chaplain was assigned to preach at the chapel. That Sunday there was an air of expectation that had not been evident in many months. The singing and even the prayer requests were very moving. The chaplain got into the pulpit and as we would say in the south, he…”let it all out”. I have been to many hundred chapel services, but this one was unique! This chaplain gave one of the clearest presentations of the gospel I have ever heard. Normally if a chaplain gives a good plan of salvation, he does not go very far in seeking the lost to publically commit their souls into the Lord Jesus Christ’s. Usually the invitation is weak by any standard. On this particular Sunday morning the message was on the spot and the invitation was beyond anything I expected. This chaplain asked for a very public profession of faith. He spent a good amount of time on what repentance involved. He explained in a clear way the price that Jesus Christ paid to redeem us. He then went to have those who would trust Christ as savior pray out loud a sinners prayer. What he did next blew me away! He had every soldier that prayed to come forward to display their new found faith. The evidence that omething wonderful had just taken place was what happened after the services. Many soldiers hugged and cried with their battle buddies for a long time. This is nothing short of God’s Grace! If you have not prayed for the Chaplains please do so! We sure need men like this one…

God blessed us in January and we recorded that over 190 soldiers attended our Bible Studies, and 36 soldiers made professions of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob & Becky Ingram

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Good Morning!
This is the test blog entry. I do hope to develop this into a working informational account of the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ministry team of the Freedom House Christian Servicemen's Center.

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